i got so excited about the exid comeback i almost dropped my phone on my face

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Who are your top 4 biases & what about them FIRST caught your attention? Then, tag 10 others who you’re curious about their top 4 biases!

ughhh this is going to be so long oky lemme see if I can make this short…./.\ …what first caught my eye huh? oky maybe I can do this….

1. Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk

so in like late 2008 I stumbled upon a little MV called Don’t Don maybe you’ve heard of it? lol jk but yeah I was like “wat dafuq is this” all confused bc the MV was weird & all the guys were creeping me out [I had just finished re-watching BIGBANG’s Haru Haru for like the zillionth time oky XD] but I liked the song then omfs like 2 minutes into the mv this bomb as hell blonde growls into my ear & I melt. I noticed his eyebrows. XD

As if that wasn’t enough this gummy mouthed brunette told me to stop banging his head his eyes gone red towards the end of the MV & I tried to keep my eyes on him & laughed when he stood behind people as they sung while he jammed out in the back idek

I kept up with SJ & studded more on whom I foundout was Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk…it wasn’t until Marry U Super Girl when the fun REALLY started. ;)

2. GD

Ah~ stumbling upon Haru Haru in late 2008 as well XD basically…his teeth THE LIPBITING *COUGH* & distinct voice/accent from the rest of the members. Like the way I could hear his teeth? XD

3. Sandeul

Also his teeth. XDDD I remember still in like late 2010 or early 2011, 10th grade?, in the girl’s locker room spazzing over a new boy group called B1A4 who was about to debut & she picked Baro while I picked Sandeul randomly from the pics bc reasons.

Who would think he’d be my baby for reals XD when the MV came out for O.K I was immideatly captivated esp bc he had glasses & bc his teeth were so gummy & adorable & guhhhhhh

4. Kyung & Taeil…& U-Kwon

Hoshit XD

I feel so old talking about all of this omg

so when Freeze! came out I was startled by Ziaaaaco lol but then I saw this lil boy with like his fringe covering half his face smiling awk I was diggin it, then he started rapping omfs his teeth & way of speaking XDD

a boy in all white by a lame car tryna be slick turned out to be kitty kwon & freaking Taeil with his dark eye shadow & flappers I wasn’t diggin the flappers but ye they caught my eye

…then I got to know them hot dayum come to me boys XD

[There’s also Zelo, Ken, Sojin, Amber, Donghae, Minah, Eunji, etc etc]


Right? *^*

Anonymous said: if u had to pick who would you choose? kyuhyun or eunhyuk?








kpopkiseu said: I want to preorder the bts album so badd but I cant order stuff onlineee. Sobs.

Oh nooooooo :(

It’s okay hun me too.


20140816 Kyu’s tweet: 요염규

                          Trans: Captivating Kyu

1. The most gorgeous back end in the world. IN THE WORLD.

2. I wonder who took the photo, who, by looking at the odd aspect ratio of the pic, may have cropped his reflection out.


Oh Kyu’s legs


Oh Kyu’s legs



Cho KyuHyun  @gaemgyu • AUG. 16 • 1 MINUTE AGO

It’s always so difficult to decide whether I should rest enough or spend some time playing Starcraft. Decisions, decisions… ㅠㅠ

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First Official USA Gamers Project!



Hello Kyuties! 
We are excited to announce the start of our very first official project!  
So, without further ado, we present to you project
“What Makes You Kyutiful!”


Now, now, I know some of you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Oh man how cheesy is that?” But there is a very good reason why we have decided to do a project like this and call it What Makes You Kyutiful.
I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite some time now, even before starting up this fan club and I’m really excited to finally have the chance to do it. I have also been a little bit hesitant on doing this because I didn’t know how you all would react to this type of project since I don’t know if you all feel the same way about this subject, but after careful consideration and support from Admin Chorizo, we have decided to go forth with this project.
I originally had something else planned for our first project, but then I was inspired by a recent tweet from our one & only, Kyuhyun. On July 26, he tweeted he was on a diet to lose 5kg (about 11lbs) after being told several times to lose weight, but he ended up getting sick with food poisoning and ended up losing 4kg (about 8lbs). 
While he made the tweet seem a bit lighthearted and fun by trying to make a joke out of the situation by saying he’s not sure if he should be happy about that or what, and then adding a few laughs after, it’s still rather concerning.
We all know Kyuhyun isn’t the most confident when it comes to his appearance. He is, to some degree, very self-conscious and I believe this tweet stemmed from the apparent mindset that he has to look a certain way for us, his fans, to like him… even though that is not true at all… It’s even more obvious he feels this way when it comes to the imperfections he has on his face and how he feels the need to cover it up if he’s not wearing any makeup and also, obviously, when it comes to exposing his bare torso. 
But he doesn’t need to feel this way.
Seeing how cruel some people can be on the internet, it’s no wonder people in general are more insecure than ever before. In Kyu’s case, I’ve seen so many hurtful words thrown at him as if it’s no big deal, and not by haters or antis… But the fans. The ones I’ve been seeing a lot of recently? “You’re fat.” “Go on a diet.” “You look pregnant.” 
"You need to lose weight."

It’s no wonder he felt as if he needed to lose those 5kg, even though in reality, he didn’t need to lose any at all… And if you notice, it seems as if he’s lost even more than the 5kg he originally intended to lose. He keeps looking thinner and thinner with every new picture that comes out which has me a bit concerned that he might be taking this a little too far. And although there are always those people who think “well if he’s famous and in the spotlight, he should be used to hearing comments like that,” or “he’s an idol, he’s expected to be thin and handsome.” But does that really give us the right to say such mean things? Does that automatically make his feelings invalid? He’s a human. Just like you. Just like me. Celebrity or not, that doesn’t give us the right to shame, not just him, but anyonethat way. 
And through this project, I want to reverse that negativity. I want to show Kyuhyun that he doesn’t need to go on crazy diets or cover his makeup-less face or even act a certain way for us to love him. I want to show Kyu we love him for himself. We love him for his talent. We love him for his personality. We love his imperfections. We love him unconditionally.
So for this project, I want all of you to send in quotes from songs, movies, tv shows, poems, etc,. with a positive meaning and make sure you include where it’s from. [[Ex: “You don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful”- One Direction]] 
Also, I want you guys to write a couple of sentences or so expressing what you like about Kyuhyun and why. It can be about anything: his voice, his face, his eyes, his hair, his dancing skillzzz, his thighs, his booty, his personality, his toenails, what ever you want!  Just make sure it’s positive and pleeeaassseee refrain from using descriptive words that are meant to be endearing, but might actually come off as being a bit mean or harsh [[ex: referring to his facial scars as “moon face” or craters, or calling him fat/chubby/pudgy to express love for his curvier body]]. Also please include your name, age, and where you’re from when you send in your quotes!
[[Ex: Kyuhyun, I love your toenails because they’re so clean and shiny and nicely groomed. I wish you showed them off more often! They’re super cute! ^-^
-Admin Skyuishy, 20
Burbank, CA, USA]]
To send us your submissions, email us at: or
tweet us @USA_Gamers on twitter.
You can be as creative as you want with your submission. You can either keep it simple by sending us the plain text, or get creative by making your own edit with your quote/sentences on it. You can also write it on paper and take a picture of yourself holding it, or you can even make a short video of yourself saying what you wanna say! The world is your pickle, my friends!

Once we have all of the submissions in, we will compile them all into one video which we will upload on our future Youtube account so we can send it to Kyukyu!
The deadline is August 29th at 11:59pm PST.
We can’t wait to get see all of your awesome submissions!
Have fun with it, you guys! ^-^
-Admin Skyuishy



The reason behind Kyuhyun’s unchangeable Twitter Avatar.

Eunhyuk is...
Leeteuk:"very hardworking."
Heechul:"easy to prank because he's so gullible."
Hangeng:"really thin even though he eats a lot."
Yesung:"soooo cute!!"
Kangin:"a splendid dancer amounts our group members, he's an anchovy."
Shindong:"the third most handsome member."
Sungmin:"a crybaby, he's always the first to cry."
Donghae:"so naive. I want to wrap him and take care of him. Anchovy!! I love uuuu!"
Siwon:"my girlfriend."
Ryeowook:"popular around girls and so good [at kissing]."
Kibum:"self-centered, eunhyuk really thinks they [wonbin and him] look alike."
Kyuhyun:"the only one person who came in my heart!"

Kyuhyun has a list on twitter called “most-liked” in which he is the only member.


Kyuhyun has a list on twitter called “most-liked” in which he is the only member.